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Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) Spectrum


Relocation Information

Portions of the 1710-1755 MHz spectrum band allocated for AWS are currently used by Federal Government entities, including the Department of Defense. In order to accommodate these federal users and make the band available for AWS, the Commission, in an October 2004 Report & Order, identified frequencies that will allow federal users to relocate their existing operations and addressed such relocation procedures. In addition, in December 2004, Congress passed the Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act (pdf), which established the Spectrum Relocation Fund and allows federal government users to be reimbursed for the costs they incur in relocating to different spectrum bands.


FCC to Commence Spectrum Auction That will Provide American Consumers New Wireless Broadband Services
In a letter to Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information Michael D. Gallagher, FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell stated that the Commission intends to commence an auction for Advanced Wireless Services licenses in the 1710-1755 MHz and 2110-2155 MHz bands as early as June 2006.
Letter to NTIA: pdf
Commercial Spectrum Enhancement Act (H.R. 5419), Signed into Law on December 23, 2004
Amendment of Part 2 of the Commission's Rules to Allocate Spectrum Below 3 GHz for Mobile and Fixed Services to Support the Introduction of New Advanced Wireless Services, Including Third Generation Wireless Systems
Statement of Chairman Powell: pdf - Word
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