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Wireless Medical Telemetry


About Wireless Medical Telemetry

Band Plan

The frequencies currently allocated for WMTS are divided into three blocks: the 608-614 MHz frequency band (which corresponds to UHF TV channel 37 but is not used by any TV station because it is used for radio astronomy) and the 1395-1400 MHz and 1427-1432 MHz frequency bands (both of which had been used by the Federal Government but were reallocated to the private sector under the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993). The frequencies in the 1427-1432 MHz band are shared by WMTS with non-medical telemetry operations, such as utility telemetry operations, that are regulated under Part 90 of the FCC's Rules. Generally, WMTS operations are accorded primary status over non-medical telemetry operations in the 1427-1429.5 MHz band, but are treated as secondary to non-medical telemetry operations in the 1429.5-1432 MHz band. However, there are seven geographical areas in which WMTS and non-medical telemetry operations have "flipped" the bands in which each enjoys primary status. These seven areas, termed the "carve-out" areas, are (1) Pittsburgh, PA; (2) the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area; (3) Richmond/Norfolk, VA; (4) Austin/Georgetown, TX; (5) Battle Creek, MI; (6) Detroit, MI; and (7) Spokane, WA. In these seven areas, in contrast to the rest of the country, WMTS has primary status in the 1429-1431.5 MHz band, but is secondary to non-medical telemetry operations in the 1427-1429 MHz band.
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