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24 GHz Market Area


24 GHz Market Area

The 24 GHz Market Area service was formerly known as Digital Electronic Message Service (DEMS). In March of 1997 the Commission adopted rules amending its Table of Frequency Allocations and Part 101 of its rules regarding Fixed Microwave Services to permit Fixed Service use of the 24.25 – 24.45 GHZ and 25.05 – 25.25 GHz band ("24 GHZ band"). This change facilitated the relocation of DEMS from the 18.82 – 18.92 GHz and 19.16 – 19.26 GHz ("18 GHz band") to the 24 GHz band. DEMS under the Order was renamed the “24 GHz Service” and broadly defined as a radio communications service that may encompass any digital fixed service. The 24 GHz Service consists of licenses in 172 Economic Areas (EAs) as defined by the Department of Commerce and four FCC defined EA-like areas.
Each EA will accommodate five licenses, with each license consisting of a pair of 40 megahertz channels(a total of 80 MHz). The licensees are permitted to partition and/or disaggregate their licenses. Licenses are issued for a 10 year term. Demonstration that licensees are providing substantial service is required for renewal of licenses.


The FCC auctioned 880 24 GHz licenses during Auction 56, held on 7/28/2004.

Construction/Coverage Requirements

The FCC requires most wireless telecommunications services licensees 1) to construct their authorized system or meet specific coverage requirements within a given time period and 2) to notify the Commission that the requirement has been met. This time period varies depending on the radio service in which the license is held.
Service At A Glance
24 GHz Market Area
Broadly defined as a radio communications service that may encompass any digital fixed service. The dominate use of this band is to provide competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) telephone and data service. Licenses were auctioned, as provided by the FCC’s rules, in 175 Economic Areas (EAs). Each EA can accommodate five licenses.
Service Rules 47 CFR, Parts 1, 2, 101
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Band Plan
Band(s) 24.25 – 24.45 GHz and 25.05 – 25.25 GHz
Blocks35 24.250-24.290 GHz paired with 25.050-25.090 GHz
36 24.290-24.330 GHz paired with 25.090-25.130 GHz
37 24.330-24.370 GHz paired with 25.130-25.170 GHz
38 24.370-24.410 GHz paired with 25.170-25.210 GHz
39 24.410-24.450 GHz paired with 25.210-25.250 GHz
Block Size80 MHz (40 MHz paired channels)
Market Areas 172 EAs and 4 EA-Like areas
ULS Radio Service Codes
7/28/2004 - 7/28/2004
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