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Proceedings and Initiatives

The Spectrum Policy Task Force is continuously striving to improve access to information on all of the Commission's ongoing spectrum-related proceedings and initiatives. This listing is intended to provide the public, industry researchers and other interested parties one place on the FCC's web site where these proceedings and initiatives are listed, with one or two-click access to public comments, Commission documents and other related materials. To provide feedback on this tool and the proceedings/initiatives listed, contact

Listed alphabetically by Proceeding or Initiative Title

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or Initiative
1 37 GHz/V-band Service and Auction Rules (Terrestrial) ET 95-183 Arrow  Details
2 37 GHz/V-band Service Rules (Satellite) IB 97-95 Arrow  Details
3 800 MHz Public Safety WT 02-55 Arrow  Details
4 Access Broadband over Power Line Systems ET 04-37 & 03-104 Arrow  Details
5 Advanced Wireless Services (Allocation) ET 00-258 Arrow  Details
6 Advanced Wireless Services (Licensing and Service Rules) WT 04-356 & WT 02-353 Arrow  Details
7 Amendment of Part 90 of the Rules in 904-909.75 and 919.75-928 MHz Bands WT 06-49 Arrow  Details
8 Broadband Over Power Line ET 03-104 Arrow  Details
9 Broadband Radio Service and Educational WT 03-66 Arrow  Details
10 Cellular and Wireless Devices on Airborne Aircraft WT 04-435 Arrow  Details
11 Cognitive Radio ET 03-108 Arrow  Details
12 Coordination of NonGeo/Geo-Stationary Satellite Service & Fixed, BAS and CARS ET 03-254 Arrow  Details
13 Dedicated Short Range Communications and Intelligent Transportation Systems in the 5.9 GHz Band WT 01-90 Arrow  Details
14 Digital LPTV, TV Translator, Booster Stations & Class A TV Stations MB 03-185 Arrow  Details
15 DTV 2nd Periodic Review MB 03-15 Arrow  Details
16 Earth Stations on Vessels IB 02-10 Arrow  Details
17 Elimination of Barriers to Development of Secondary Markets WT 00-230 Arrow  Details
18 Fixed Satellite Service in Ka Band (18 GHz) IB 98-172 Arrow  Details
19 Flexibility for Delivery of Communications by Mobile Satellite Service Providers in the 2 GHz Band, L-Band and 1.6 and 2.4 GHz Bands IB 01-185 Arrow  Details
20 Flexible Use of the 900 MHz Bands Allotted to the Business & Industrial Land Transportation Pool WT 05-62 Arrow  Details

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Reports 1 - 20 of 38