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Universal Licensing System

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To access specific ULS functions, choose from the links at the left of every page.

FRN Registration

Before using ULS, you must first register with the FCC's Commission Registration System (CORES) to receive an FCC Registration Number (FRN). Click the Register button on the ULS Home page to access CORES for your FRN. Follow the onscreen prompts and instructions, providing the password information requested by CORES. CORES will present you with a confirmation page. We recommend printing this page for your records -- you will need to use your FRN and password to apply for and manage licenses within ULS and register antenna structures within ASR. Under the heading, "To continue on to another FCC Filing system," choose the ULS link to return to ULS.

Once you have completed your registration, use the Log In button on the ULS Home page to associate call signs with your FRN. To associate ASR numbers with your FRN, use the Log In button on the ASR Home page To update your CORES registration at any time, click on the Register button on the ULS Home page or the ASR Home page.

ULS Online Filing

If you have registered in CORES and wish to use ULS for online application filing, click on the Log In button (located on the ULS Home page) to begin the electronic filing process. ULS will load the appropriate online application form based on the purpose of the application and radio service you select. For more details, please see Getting Started 2. File: Using ULS online filing.

Please Note: The copy of your filing resulting from Print Preview in ULS may be submitted to the FCC for manual filing ONLY if it is a complete application with the addition dates printed clearly at the bottom of the page.

Application Search

The Application Search button (located on the ULS Home page) enables you to search for specific wireless service applications submitted within ULS. You can view applications, associated schedules, attachments, status information, and historical data. For more details, please see Getting Started 3. Search.

License Search

Use the License Search button (located on the ULS Home page) to search the ULS database for specific licenses. You can view the status, special conditions, comments, technical information, history, and associated applications and attachments for each license. For more details, please see Getting Started 3. Search.

Archive License Search

Use the Archives button (located on the ULS Home page) to link to the Archive License Search. The ULS License Archive Search enables you to search for prior versions of a license as well as the current version. Each time a license is acted upon, the current version is captured within ULS creating a "snapshot" history of the license and its modifications. Searching these archived versions allows you to see the exact status of a license at various points in time. The search interface uses the same display as ULS Advanced License Search and allows you to search on many of the same criteria. Note: The ULS data warehouse stores archived licenses for radio services converted to ULS beginning in August 1999 or, if the service was converted to ULS after August 1999, from the date the service was converted. Licenses from previous wireless databases are not archived in the license warehouse.

Ownership Information Filing

To file Ownership Information electronically, the filer must select the Log In button (located on the ULS Home page) and login with its FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password. In addition, an FRN, but not a password, is required for each FCC Regulated Business and each Disclosable Interest Holder listed in an ownership filing. For detailed information regarding filing Ownership Information electronically, consult the online help files that are part of the electronic filing system.

Ownership Information Search

Search the Universal Licensing System (ULS) database for specific wireless radio services filed ownership information using the Application Search button (located on the ULS Home page). You can search by multiple criteria, and you can view ownership filing details, including FCC Regulated Businesses of the filer and Disclosable Interest Holders of the filer.

ULS Pleadings

Interested parties may submit petitions and informal objections (pleadings) regarding ULS applications or licenses. If there is a pleading regarding an application or license, the ULS Application and License Search results will display the type of pleading, the title of the pleading, and the date the pleading was submitted. You may also view the pleading (except for confidential pleadings).

Hearing Aid Compatibility Status Reporting

Under the FCC's rules, providers of digital mobile wireless services and manufacturers of wireless handsets must file annual reports on their offering of handsets that are compatible with hearing aids. These reports contain information about the hearing aid compatibility status of each handset offered, functionalities of hearing aid-compatible handsets, labeling of hearing aid-compatible handsets, and the filing company's consumer outreach efforts.

Hearing Aid Compatibility Status Reporting

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