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WTB Orders November 2005

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WTB Orders (DA 05-3016)
Aeronautical Radio, Inc.
Denied the petition filed by Industrial Wireless Technologies, Inc. for reconsideration of grant of ...
DA-05-3016A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 05-3017)
County of Westchester
Granted request for waiver to permit use of an additional UHF frequency at Port Chester, New York fo...
DA-05-3017A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 05-3018)
City of El Segundo
Denied the petition filed by National Science and Technology Network, Inc. for reconsideration of gr...
DA-05-3018A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 05-3061)
Erratum - Improving Public Safety Communications in the 800 MHz Band et al
Issued erratum to Memorandum Opinion and Order FCC 05-174 released October 5, 2005
DOC-262399A1: pdf - word - txt
FCC-05-174A1_Erratum: pdf

WTB Orders (DA 05-3020)
City of Georgetown, TX
Granted in part Request for Waiver of channel plan for the 1427-1432 MHz band
DA-05-3020A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 05-3021)
Mobile Relay Associates
Dismissed in part and denied in part request for waiver to permit 800 MHz Business Radio Service sta...
DA-05-3021A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 05-2956)
Erratum Clarification of Procedures for Participation of Federally Recognized Indian Tribes and Native Hawaiian Organizations Under the Nationwide Programmatic Agreement
Issued Erratum to Declaratory Ruling, FCC 05-176 released October 6, 2005
DOC-262168A1: pdf - word - txt
FCC-05-176A1_Erratum: - word
FCC-05-176A2_Erratum: - word
FCC-05-176A3_Erratum: - word
FCC-05-176A4_Erratum: - word

WTB Orders (DA 05-2947)
Mobex Network Services, LLC
Denied petition to deny application
DA-05-2947A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 05-2948)
Mobex Network Services, LLC
Processed assignment application after addressing petitions to deny
DA-05-2948A1: pdf - word - txt
DA-05-2948A2: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 05-2951)
AMTS Consortium, LLC
Denied petition to deny application and granted associated waiver request
DA-05-2951A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders
Erratum - Cingular Wireless-Constructed Tower Section 1106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
DA-05-2848A1_Erratum: - word
DOC-262003A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (FCC 05-188)
Revision of the Commission's Rules to Ensure Compatibility with Enhanced 911 Emergency Calling Systems; Request for Waiver By Southern Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a SouthernLINC Wireless
Extended the time to comply with the requirement of the FCC's rules that carriers employing a handse...
FCC-05-188A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 05-2904)
Communication Ventures, Inc. and WinBeam, Inc. To Assign Broadband Radio Service Licenses B117 (Dubois-Clearfield, PA), B203 (Indiana, PA), and B328 (Oil City-Franklin, PA)
Granted the Waiver Request and the Assignment Application
DA-05-2904A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders, November - 2005 has 13 Records.
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