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WTB Orders September 2012

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WTB Orders (DA 12-1501)
Joint Petition of Diamond Communications LLC, Diamond Towers LLC, Diamond Towers II LLC, and Diamond Towers III LLC for Waiver of 47 C.F.R. Section 17.47(b)
Granted Diamond's Petition for Waiver
DA-12-1501A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-12-1501A1: pdf - txt

WTB Orders (DA 12-1495)
Texas Energy Network, LLC,Withdrawal of Request for Confidential Treatment
Granted TexNet 4G, LLC 's request to remove certain information contained in its FCC Form 180 for A...
DA-12-1495A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-12-1495A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 12-1496)
Ibapah Telecommunications, LLC, Withdrawal of Petition for Designation as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier
Granted Ibapah Telecommunications, LLC's request to withdraw its petition for ETC designation
DA-12-1496A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-12-1496A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 12-1497)
AMA Communications, LLC, Request for Waiver of Section 54.1003(b)
Granted AMA's request for waiver of spectrum access eligibility rule
DA-12-1497A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-12-1497A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 12-1499)
Applications of Cellco Partnership d/b/a Verizon Wireless, E.N.M.R. Telephone Cooperative, and Its Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Plateau Telecommunications, Incorporated For Consent to Assign Licenses
Adopted an Numbering Resource Utilization and Forecast and Local Number Portability Protective Order...
DA-12-1499A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-12-1499A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 12-1465)
MariTEL Southern Pacific, Inc./Motorola Solutions, Inc
Granted the waiver to the extent necessary and processed the application
DA-12-1465A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-12-1465A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders
PacifiCorp Amended Request for Waiver
PacifiCorp Amended Request for Waiver.
DOC-316200A1: pdf - txt

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