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WTB Orders March 2013

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WTB Orders (DA 13-570)
Application of AC BidCo, LLC, Gogo Inc., and LiveTV, LLC
Granted the waiver and consent to the transaction. Granted Gogo's request for a partial waiver of se...
DA-13-570A1_Rcd: pdf
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WTB Orders (DA 13-541)
National Science and Technology Network, Inc., Licensee of Stations WPMM274 and WPMP967
Denied the Petition for Reconsideration and modified the license for stations WPMM274 and WPMP967. b...
DA-13-541A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-541A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-542)
American Radio Relay League, Inc
Granted the waiver request, with conditions. Dismissed as moot a previously-filed request from ARRL ...
DA-13-542A1_Rcd: pdf
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WTB Orders (DA 13-543)
Whiffletree Corporation Inc
Denied the waiver request
DA-13-543A1_Rcd: pdf
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WTB Orders
Erratum - Implementation of Sections 309(j) and 337, of the Communications Act of 1934 as Amended, Promotion of Spectrum Efficient Technologies on Certain Part 90 Frequencies
Issued an Erratum correcting Order, DA 13-431, released March 18, 2013
DA-13-431A1: - word
DOC-319771A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders
The Honorable Lawrence E. Strickling, Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, U.S. Department of Commerce
The Federal Communications Commission notified the National Telecommunications and Information Admin...
DOC-319708A1: pdf - txt

WTB Orders
Erratum - Amendment of Parts 1, 2, 22, 24, 27, 90 and 95 of the Commission's Rules to Improve Wireless Coverage Through the Use of Signal Boosters
Issued an Erratum correcting Report and Order, FCC 13-21, released February 20, 2013
DOC-319317A1: pdf - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-431)
Implementation of Sections 309(j) and 337 of the Communications Act of 1934, as Amended/Promotion of Spectrum Efficient Technologies on Certain Part 90 Frequencies
Granted in part and denied in part the instant Petition filed by Ritron, Inc
DA-13-431A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-431A1: pdf - word - txt
DOC-319771A1_Erratum: - word

WTB Orders (DA 13-384)
Applications of Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Mobile USA, Inc., and MetroPCS Communications, Inc
Granted the applications
DA-13-384A1_Rcd: pdf
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WTB Orders (DA 13-336)
East Kentucky Power Cooperative, Inc
Denied East Kentucky Power Cooperative's Waiver Request and Dismissed its late-filed Renewal Applica...
DA-13-336A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-336A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (FCC 13-29)
Service Rules for the 698-746, 747-762 and 777-792 MHz Bands, et al
Denied and Dismissed petitions to reconsider certain actions in the 700 MHZ Second Report and Order
FCC-13-29A1_Rcd: pdf
FCC-13-29A1: pdf - word - txt

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