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WTB Orders July 2013

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WTB Orders (DA 13-1681)
Promoting Technological Solutions to Combat Contraband Wireless Device Use in Correctional Facilities
Granted the Motion for Extension of Time filed by the American Correctional Association, and the dea...
DA-13-1681A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-1681A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-1660)
Thomas Kurian
Granted the Petition for Reconsideration
DA-13-1660A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-1660A1: pdf - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-1661)
Applied Communication Services, Inc
Dismissed the Petition for Reconsideration
DA-13-1661A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-1661A1: pdf - txt

WTB Orders (FCC 13-102)
Amendment of the Commission's Rules with Regard to Commercial Operations in the 1695-1710 MHz, 1755-1780 MHz, and 2155-2180 MHz Bands
Proposed rules for a number of spectrum bands that would make significantly more spectrum available ...
FCC-13-102A1_Rcd: pdf
FCC-13-102A1: pdf - txt
FCC-13-102A2: pdf - txt
FCC-13-102A3: pdf - txt
FCC-13-102A4: pdf - txt

WTB Orders (FCC 13-96)
Applications of GCI Communication Corp., ACS Wireless License Sub, Inc., ACS of Anchorage License Sub, Inc. and Unicom, Inc. For Consent to Assign Licenses to the Alaska Wireless Network, LLC
Granted the Approval of GCI and ACS Applications to Transfer Spectrum Licenses to Jointly Owned Subs...
FCC-13-96A1_Rcd: pdf
FCC-13-96A1: pdf - txt
FCC-13-96A2: pdf - txt
FCC-13-96A3: pdf - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-1578)
Adak Eagle Enterprises, LLC and Windy City Cellular, LLC, Petitions for Waiver of Certain High-Cost Universal Service Rules
Denied the Petitions for Waiver, filed by Adak Eagle Enterprises and Windy City Cellular, of the Com...
DA-13-1578A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-1578A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-1532)
James H. Schofield
Modified the license of James H. Schofield for Amateur Radio Service Station KI6JIM by replacing Ge...
DA-13-1532A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-1532A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (DA 13-1534)
Richard Monjure
Denied the Petition for Rulemaking
DA-13-1534A1_Rcd: pdf
DA-13-1534A1: pdf - word - txt

WTB Orders (FCC 13-91)
Amendment of Part 90 of the Commission's Rules to Permit Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) Technology
Granted the Petition for Clarification and/or Reconsideration filed by Motorola Solutions, Inc. Clar...
FCC-13-91A1_Rcd: pdf
FCC-13-91A1: pdf - txt

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