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Offshore Radiotelephone Service

The Offshore Radiotelephone Service allows Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) providers to use conventional duplex analog technology to provide telephone service to subscribers located on (or in helicopters en route to) oil exploration and production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

This service may operate in the paired 476/479 through 489/493 MHz bands, in three zones comprising Louisiana and Texas, depending on the longitude. For specifics, see Part 22.1007 of our rules.

Regulation of this service currently resides in Part 1 and Part 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Subtitle 47, on Telecommunications and may be researched or ordered through the Government Printing Office.

For forms and fee information, see Forms & Fees. Form 601, 602, 603, and 159 are required for this service.

This service was not affected by the Paging Order, WT Docket 96-18.

Last Reviewed/Updated on 10/15/2002