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Antenna Structure Registration

The Commission's rules require owners of towers that meet certain height and location criteria (generally towers more than 60-96 meters (200 feet) in height or located near an airport) to register proposed towers with the FCC. The FCC's Antenna Structure Registration program allows the FCC to fulfill its statutory duty to require the painting and lighting of antenna structures that may pose a hazard to air navigation. Upon registration, and based on the recommendation of the Federal Aviation Administration, the FCC will require the structure to be painted and lighted as necessary to make it conspicuous to aircraft.

In a Report and Order released November 30, 1995, the Commission adopted rules designed to streamline the registration process and began requiring antenna structure owners (instead of licensees) to register these structures with the Commission. In a Memorandum Opinion and Order on Reconsideration (also in PDF format) released March 8, 2000, the Commission clarified several registration requirements.

The Antenna Structure Registration rules are contained in Part 17 of the Commission's Rules (47 C.F.R. 17). Please note that the information contained in these web pages serve as a guide to the FCC's rules concerning antenna structures and is not intended to revise or replace the rules contained in Part 17. See the Digital Television Tower Siting Fact Sheet, Frequently Asked Questions and RF Guide for more information.

Procedures Governing Siting and Maintenance


Modification and Clarification of Policies and Procedures Governing Siting and Maintenance of Amateur Radio Antennas and Support Structures, and Amendment of Section 97.15 of the Commission's Rules Governing the Amateur Radio Service, RM-8763
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