1. Antenna
An apparatus designed for the purpose of emitting radio frequency ("RF") radiation, to be operated or operating from a fixed location pursuant to Commission authorization, for the transmission of writing, signs, signals, data, images, pictures, and sounds of all kinds, including the transmitting device and any on-site equipment, switches, wiring, cabling, power sources, shelters or cabinets associated with that antenna and added to a Tower, structure, or building as part of the original installation of the antenna. For most services, an Antenna will be mounted on or in, and is distinct from, a supporting structure such as a Tower, structure or building. However, in the case of AM broadcast stations, the entire Tower or group of Towers constitutes the Antenna for that station. For purposes of the Nationwide Agreement, the term Antenna does not include unintentional radiators, mobile stations, or devices authorized under Part 15 of the Commission's rules.
2. Applicant
A Commission licensee, permittee, or registration holder, or an applicant or prospective applicant for a wireless or broadcast license, authorization or antenna structure registration, and the duly authorized agents, employees, and contractors of any such person or entity.
3. Area of Potential Effects ("APE")
The geographic area or areas within which an Undertaking may directly or indirectly cause alterations in the character or use of Historic Properties, if any such properties exist.
4. Collocation
The mounting or installation of an Antenna on an existing Tower, building, or structure for the purpose of transmitting radio frequency signals for telecommunications or broadcast purposes.
5. Effect
An alteration to the characteristics of a Historic Property qualifying it for inclusion in or eligibility for the National Register.
6. Experimental Authorization
An authorization issued to conduct experimentation utilizing radio waves for gathering scientific or technical operation data directed toward the improvement or extension of an established service and not intended for reception and use by the general public. "Experimental Authorization" does not include an "Experimental Broadcast Station" authorized under Part 74 of the Commission's rules.
7. Facility
A Tower or an Antenna. The term Facility may also refer to a Tower and its associated Antenna(s).
8. Field Survey
A research strategy that utilizes one or more visits to the area where construction is proposed as a means of identifying Historic Properties.
9. Historic Property
Any prehistoric or historic district, site, building, structure, or object included in, or eligible for inclusion in, the National Register maintained by the Secretary of the Interior. This term includes artifacts, records, and remains that are related to and located within such properties. The term includes properties of traditional religious and cultural importance to an Indian tribe or NHO that meet the National Register criteria.
10. National Register
The National Register of Historic Places, maintained by the Secretary of the Interior's office of the Keeper of the National Register.
11. SHPO/THPO Inventory
A set of records of previously gathered information, authorized by state or tribal law, on the absence, presence and significance of historic and archeological resources within the state or tribal land.
12. Special Temporary Authorization
Authorization granted to a permittee or licensee to allow the operation of a station for a limited period at a specified variance from the terms of the station's permanent authorization or requirements of the Commission's rules applicable to the particular class or type of station.
13. Submission Packet
The document to be submitted initially to the SHPO/THPO to facilitate review of the Applicant's findings and any determinations with regard to the potential impact of the proposed Undertaking on Historic Properties in the APE. There are two Submission Packets: (a) The New Tower Submission Packet (FCC Form 620) (See Attachment 3) and (b) The Collocation Submission Packet (FCC Form 621) (See Attachment 4). Any documents required to be submitted along with a Form are part of the Submission Packet.
14. Tower
Any structure built for the sole or primary purpose of supporting Commission licensed or authorized Antennas, including the on-site fencing, equipment, switches, wiring, cabling, power sources, shelters, or cabinets associated with that Tower but not installed as part of an Antenna as defined herein.
15. For the calculation of time
For the calculation of time periods under the Agreement, "days" mean "calendar days." Any time period specified in the Agreement that ends on a weekend or a Federal or State holiday is extended until the close of the following business day.
16. Written Communications
Written communications include communications by e-mail or facsimile
other terms
All other terms not defined above or elsewhere in the Nationwide Agreement shall have the same meaning as set forth in the Council's rules section on Definitions (36 C.F.R. 800.16) or the Commission's rules (47 C.F.R. Chapter I).